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Optimum is a technology-enabled solution combining a comprehensive platform with outsourcing services for core HR functions, such as hiring/onboarding, employee training, performance management, and compliance/risk management. This solution can be used by HR managers and operational leaders within small to midsize businesses across many industries.

Optimum's cloud-based platform enables businesses to manage employee and HR information while reducing the need for paperwork and outdated processes. This platform includes features such as HR management, payroll, time/labor management, and employee self-service. Additionally, Optimum assigns dedicated HR professionals to answer questions, provide guidance, and assist with the completion of HR projects/tasks. 

Pricing can vary based on HR services needed and health benefit packages selected. Please contact Optimum Employer Solutions for pricing details. 


Optimum - Optimum payroll
  • Optimum - Optimum payroll
    Optimum payroll
  • Optimum - Optimum HR reporting
    Optimum HR reporting
  • Optimum - Optimum time and labor management
    Optimum time and labor management
  • Optimum - Optimum employee self-service
    Optimum employee self-service
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