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Momenteo is a cloud-based accounting solution designed for freelancers in a variety of industries. Key features include invoice and estimate creation, expense and time tracking, client management and financial reporting.

Momenteo provides a guided workflow for estimate creation and sending and the ability to convert those estimates into invoices. Users can track all communications with clients and show whether messages were received or opened. The solution is able to manage all client information such as address, currency, language and contact information.

The solution automatically calculates travel expenses based on address and is able to add these expenses to invoices. Users can receive online payments through services such as Paypal or Stripe.

Momenteo is also available through mobile apps for Android and iOS. The solution is available for purchase on a monthly or yearly subscription basis.


Momenteo - Travel expenses
  • Momenteo - Travel expenses
    Travel expenses
  • Momenteo - Client dashboard
    Client dashboard
  • Momenteo - Expense tracking
    Expense tracking
  • Momenteo - Overview
  • Momenteo - Invoicing process
    Invoicing process
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Mac OS, Linux, Browser web (indipendente dal sistema operativo), Windows 10