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METAYOTA editor is a complete software creation platform. It gives users tools to create web applications or websites. Applications can be developed by using the integrated source code editor or by using a visual tool to create apps and components. The editor integrates the hosting or the created apps. Web spaces can be created with an Apache HTTP web server that includes PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. Pre Installed on the user's webspace is the METAYOTA HTML engine and the METAYOTA PHP engine. The web space can also be used for Wordpress and other PHP applications. The editor provides the right tools to create components that can be integrated into any web applications or website. Pages, scripts and web services can be added to web spaces. the software features a source code editor with syntax coloring, code completion including all PHP functions and all functions offered by the PHP engine and source code completion for HTML and JavaScript. All individual components can be viewed in the editor. The editor displays a form with all the required values needed to execute the function. No matter if a user has to edit a web service, a server side script or a HTML tag, they can easily define who is able to access their resource! Users can set if the resource is only accessible to administrators, only to registered users, or also to visitors. Parameters for resources can be configured. For example, when a resource is a database table like a table with movies, the individual parameters define the rows that a movie has like title, duration, year and genre. The system automatically creates the database table and give the option to edit the values in the editor. Many components already come programmed and include many options. Like a form generator, dropdown with multiselect, button, text input, textarea, checkbox and number input. When installing a web space the basic framework will be provided. Created applications can be easily exported to company servers and run on a standard Apache HTTP web servers with PHP and MySQL. The METAYOTA editor allows users to create full stack tags which include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP all defined in one resource. The software gives users the ability to write the documentation, make the configuration and outsource the programming work. The tasks feature allows businesses to create complex web applications within a few days.
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