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ShopKeep By Lightspeed is an iPad and Android POS system for retail businesses, restaurants, bars, franchises and quick-serve businesses. The POS software offers a touch screen interface, when used on an iPad or Android tablet device, which allows users to add and remove orders from wish lists. Users can also scan barcodes using barcode scanner hardware in order to add items to the shopping cart and facilitate inventory management. Other inventory management and inventory tracking tools within the POS software include SKU management, re-order management, and the ability to add a new inventory item manually. ShopKeep By Lightspeed offers a built-in register to keep track of checks and payments. Users can maintain multiple payment registers and split, merge or transfer payments between different accounts. Businesses can accept all payment types including cash, credit card, gift cards, and more using the point of sale system and payment processing can be carried out online or offline. Other POS features include cash drawer management, pricing at the time of purchase, and connection with POS hardware such as a receipt printer or card reader. ShopKeep By Lightspeed also offers employee management tools including the ability to track employee working hours, calculate payroll and clock in and out. ShopKeep integrates with multiple marketing tools and lets users create reports and analyze business data to find trends.
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