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Brand My Email is a web-based email signature branding solution, which helps businesses create and manage custom email images for various platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and more. Senders can add the brand logo, personal photo, address, phone number or fax number. The solution lets users add map and directions to the signature, helping customers plot routes and use mobile devices for audio or visual GPS navigation. Businesses can enhance engagement among clients by adding links to different social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Professionals can also add a website, bio and review link to improve client’s awareness. Brand My Email is available on monthly subscriptions and support is offered via phone and online measures.
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Brand My Email non dispone di un piano gratuito e non offre una versione di prova gratuita. La versione a pagamento di Brand My Email è disponibile a partire da 6,00 USD/mese.

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6,00 USD/mese
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