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SignatureSatori is an email signature solution designed to help Google Workspace users create and manage Gmail signatures using predefined templates. Employees can update their contact information and request specific changes according to individual requirements. Using SignatureSatori, businesses can automatically upload employee data from Google Workspace directory including names, phone numbers and organizational structures, among other details. Managers can set up multiple email signatures for one staff member and use a WYSIWYG editor to edit HTML codes. Additionally, supervisors can convert email signatures into marketing channels to promote new products and upcoming events. SignatureSatori facilitates integration with Google Analytics, enabling professionals to evaluate marketing campaigns by setting up their Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters. The product is available for free and on one-time or monthly subscriptions based on the number of users. Support is available via FAQs, documentation, live chat, email and other online measures.
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SignatureSatori dispone di un piano gratuito e offre una versione di prova gratuita. La versione a pagamento di SignatureSatori è disponibile a partire da 1,10 USD/una tantum.

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1,10 USD/una tantum
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