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Small and midsize distributors that are in need of a customizable enterprise resource management solution should look into what Interprise Suite has to offer. Interprise Suite is offered as either an on-premise or cloud-based solution that allows users to access data through their local area network (LAN) or through any web-browser.

This ERP for distributors includes CRM, e-commerce, shipping, credit card processing, accounting, inventory management, banking, supplier management and reporting functionality.

Interprise Suite uses SQL database management and is built on .NET technology. Users can customize the solution via the data dictionary and system manager features to create a product that meets their needs. This allows users to move and define search fields as they see fit and even create new fields by updating the database themselves.

Distributors can also set permission levels so that only users of a certain level can adjust the suite accordingly. Because the system is fully-integrated and user customizations are separate from the core code.


Interprise Suite - CRM Integration
  • Interprise Suite - CRM Integration
    CRM Integration
  • Interprise Suite - Customer Workflow
    Customer Workflow
  • Interprise Suite - Inventory- Full Visibility & Web Integration Available
    Inventory- Full Visibility & Web Integration Available
  • Interprise Suite - Welcome
  • Interprise Suite - e-Commerce Plus
    e-Commerce Plus
  • Interprise Suite - Integrated Shipping & Tracking for Company & Customer Online
    Integrated Shipping & Tracking for Company & Customer Online
Sistemi operativi supportati:
Windows 7, Windows 2000