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Modern HR is a technology-enabled solution that offers human resource (HR) services to professional employer organizations (PEO) across various industries. It offers bundled service models, which assists clients with various administrative operations such as training, compliance management, recruiting, payroll processing and benefits administration. Modern HR's recruiting specialists enable businesses to source candidates, conduct background screenings and manage onboarding processes on a centralized cloud-based platform. Using the Employer Ecosystem, customers can create talent pools and distribute available vacancies across Modern HR's Global Staffing Loop of companies and recruiters. Additionally, it offers self-service portals, which can be utilized by management teams and employees to edit personal information, access payroll reports and track payment history. Modern HR's risk management team helps enterprises conduct on-site inspections and create loss prevention strategies or return-to-work programs in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.
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