Fax.to is a cloud-based fax server software designed to help businesses send and receive faxes across multiple countries by uploading documents in PDF file formats. Key features include broadcasting services, email numbers,... Scopri di più

Zetafax is an on-premise fax server software designed to help businesses manage and send/receive electronic faxes on a centralized platform. Professionals can convert documents to PDF format and automatically route inbound faxes... Scopri di più

Faxjar is a cloud-based fax platform, which helps businesses of all sizes send PDF documents and images securely across multiple locations. Features include multiple file format support, status tracking, email notifications and... Scopri di più

FaxSalad is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses send and receive faxes through the web, mobile devices or email. The platform enables organizations to securely store received or sent documents in a centralized repository... Scopri di più

GoFax is fax and SMS solution designed to help businesses in the legal, healthcare, government and finance sectors send and receive faxes via desktops, mobile devices and tablets. The centralized dashboard allows administrators... Scopri di più

FaxZero is a fax server management software designed to help businesses attach documents in various formats including DOC, PDF, PNG, JPG, HTML, GIF and XLS to send faxes. The platform enables administrators to receive a confirmati... Scopri di più

eCall Business Messaging is a professional Swiss SMS solution designed for all industries. It aims to increase interaction rates with target groups through communication via SMS. High open and interaction rates from recipients... Scopri di più

Notifyre is a secure, reliable and industry compliant multi-channel communications platform built for business. Its all-in-one hub allows businesses to manage the entire business communications from SMS, to online faxing, to... Scopri di più