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AbcSubmit is a cloud-based form automation solution that allows users to create web forms. The solution is suitable for small and midsize businesses features customizable form templates. AbcSubmit supports multiple input types... Scopri di più

Shogun is a headless eCommerce solution that helps businesses build and optimize online stores across multiple external platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify Plus and Salesforce Cloud. It allows employees to... Scopri di più

Designed for video game companies, Xsolla is a global eCommerce platform that allows businesses to market, sell, connect games on one centralized platform. With Xsolla's business and transaction engine, businesses can monetize... Scopri di più

Swiftype Enterprise Search is a cloud-based eDiscovery solution designed for companies of all sizes. It features document tracking, document indexing, text extraction, keyword search and metadata extraction functionalities within... Scopri di più

Chipy.io is a cloud-based solution designed to help small businesses set up an online presence using website builder, sales funnel, CRM, eCommerce and payment processors. Features include A/B testing, analytics, customizable... Scopri di più

enchant is a website builder platform that enables businesses to easily create and design mobile websites online. It comes with a range of templates so there is something that will meet your businesses needs. enchant has a large... Scopri di più

Fastozo is a website builder software that enables businesses to quickly and efficiently create pages through the simple drag-and-drop interface. It also helps build funnels and membership sites. To boost brand awareness,... Scopri di più

Gila CMS is a website building and content management solution that helps businesses build device-optimized websites with custom templates, text, images, and buttons. It also lets organizations set up custom websites and email... Scopri di più

Hotelwize is a cloud-based platform designed for tourism and hotel sectors. Professionals can use performance-driven websites to manage bookings and use a customizable website canvas to develop both design and content.... Scopri di più

Workik lets you create professional and responsive websites in just minutes. With the built-in drag-and-drop feature, you don't need any technical knowledge to build websites. With easy customization, you can make all the changes... Scopri di più

WebsFB is a cloud-based software that provides small businesses with tools to build professional websites, add brand-specific content, and publish them according to requirements. Key features include contact management, lead... Scopri di più

Bluehost is a website building solution that helps businesses create and manage WordPress websites, blogs and online stores via a unified platform. It enables organizations to streamline shared web hosting operations, securely... Scopri di più

iPage is a website building platform that helps businesses design and host mobile-responsive websites using custom layouts. The artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution enables users to automatically add photos and digital... Scopri di più

Tymber is a powerful e-commerce solution for cannabis businesses seeking to grow their business with modern marketing techniques. With Tymber's native e-commerce platform, cannabis businesses are able to leverage modern marketing... Scopri di più