LMMS is an open-source audio editing and music composing solution that helps organizations manage projects, synthesize sounds, create beats, fine-tune notes, automate songs, and more on a centralized platform. It enables users to... Scopri di più

Soundation is an audio editing software designed to help team members collaborate with each other to create and produce music. The platform enables administrators to import, export and record audio in real-time on a unified... Scopri di più

Audiotool is a cloud-based music production solution that helps businesses handle the editing, mixing, manipulation and recording of audio files. The platform enables music artists to compose, upload and share audio tracks with... Scopri di più

Spreaker is a web-based podcast hosting solution designed to help businesses create, host, publish and distribute podcasts using various content marketing and campaign management tools. Key features include multiple customizable... Scopri di più

Flaneer is a new virtual machine provider. Flaneer leverages AWS servers to offer a secure remote access solution. With Flaneer, your staff can access their work environment in 1 click, and in any situation (WFH, mobility,... Scopri di più

Resemble AI uses proprietary AI models to create a highly realistic voice clone to be used with TTS and our real-time APIs. Use Resemble AI's voice technology for your next conversational AI project or in games/media. Resemble... Scopri di più

TuneBlades is an audio editing tool that instantly cuts, adjusts, and remixes any song while keeping the melody fundamentals and voices. TuneBlades does more than simple track cutting. With AI-powered recomposition, new edits... Scopri di più

CadnaA is a noise calculation and mapping software solution. It features the calculation, presentation, assessment, and prediction of environmental noise. The software can handle small outdoor projects up to large urbanization... Scopri di più