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Fluxguard is a cloud-based website monitoring solution that caters to IT security professionals and developers. Key features include visual regression testing, synthetic transaction monitoring, event logs, uptime reporting and... Scopri di più

BounceX is a cloud-based marketing solution that helps small to large enterprises gain real-time insights into website traffic and identify behavior trends to improve communication with customers. The centralized platform enables... Scopri di più

Famm.io is a cloud-based social media listening and brand monitoring solution designed to help businesses make a quick search of any feedback and influencers across various sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram... Scopri di più

Clicky is a cloud-based web analytics solution designed to help enterprises track, evaluate and report on the site visitors in real-time. Features include action tracking, heatmaps, path analysis, data export, engagement... Scopri di più

LocalSEO is an SEO management solution that provides businesses with comprehensive keyword research and strategy planning tools that further optimizes lead generation processes. The built-in dashboard lets business leaders... Scopri di più

Ekara is disruptive technology that brings together all the features of real-user monitoring and synthetic monitoring, covering all internet and intranet environments. Ekara can monitor all existing applications such as web,... Scopri di più

BigPanda is an AIOps solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to event correlation, outage resolution, incident response and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to use artificial... Scopri di più

SiteAlert gives you peace of mind by alerting you instantly if your website goes down or your emails are no longer being sent. Get an instant alert if your site is not loading. It also gives you valuable insights into your site... Scopri di più