Honorlock is an on-demand exam proctoring software designed to help educational institutions monitors exam live and prevent students from accessing unauthorized exam content. Key features include content management, activity... Scopri di più

ProctorU is an assessment management software designed to help academic institutions detect and prevent cheating and content theft during online examinations. The platform enables teachers to verify participants’ identities, view... Scopri di più

Examity is a proctoring solution designed to help organizations protect test integrity. It is suitable for academic institutions, employers, and certification providers. Organizations can utilize AI-enabled automated proctoring... Scopri di più

Rosalyn is the modern proctoring platform for the digital education world. Easily enable live proctoring for any exam or course inside the LMS. Students can take the exam instantly, anytime, anywhere, and enjoy a frictionless,... Scopri di più

Briso combines automated AI Briso with human monitoring. It offers a classroom view of candidate supervision remotely. It assists with report generation and allows proctors to view all their specific details. Briso offers... Scopri di più