ZenKey is a web-based identity management solution designed to help businesses streamline authentication and identity validation. Key features include face recognition, fraud detection, biometrics, and multifactor authentication. ... Scopri di più

Kycaid is a one-stop-shop compliance platform that is aimed to help businesses of all sizes and industries reduce risks, enhance customer interaction and simplify many business processes through holistic KYC&AML services. Kycaid... Scopri di più

Teleport is a gateway for managing access to K8s clusters, Linux & Windows servers, databases, and applications. Teleport provides access control for all your cloud resources in one place. It simplifies the management of SSH... Scopri di più

Keystash is a Linux user access and SSH key management solution. Creating and managing Linux user accounts, privileges and SSH keys is typically a manual task, however Keystash provides a centralized management system that can... Scopri di più