Hoxhunt is a security awareness training software that helps businesses educate the workforce to identify and report cybersecurity attacks. The solution enables administrators to create simulated phishing attacks based on... Scopri di più

CybSafe is a security awareness training software designed to help businesses host eLearning modules and educate employees about phishing attacks. The platform enables administrators to measure knowledge and assess individuals’... Scopri di più

PhishingBox is a cloud-based security awareness training platform that helps small to large organizations conduct simulated phishing attacks to identify end-users’ susceptibility to threats. Features include pre-defined phishing... Scopri di più

Infosec IQ is a training administration solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to employee trainings, progress tracking, risk assessment, and more from within a unified platform. Cybersecurity professionals... Scopri di più

Avatao is a compliance training software designed to help businesses in healthcare, telecommunication, information technology and services, computer software, aviation, banking, finance, insurance industries to equip their teams... Scopri di più