ClassMate is a web-based studio management solution designed to help dance, yoga, music, martial arts studios, daycare and fitness centres schedule classes on a daily, weekly or yearly basis and automate monthly billing. The... Scopri di più is an event management solution that helps e-sport leagues and brands schedule and organize tournaments. Administrators can configure registration deadlines, set event dates, send confirmation emails and collect attendee... Scopri di più

PLAYINGA is a one-stop-shop for your sporting experience. PLAYINGA manages everything you need to make your sports event a success. PLAYINGA helps users handle tournament operations right from attracting and registering participat... Scopri di più

AllUnited's ClubApp designed for Sports Club trainers, administrators, managers and players was created to unite all members of sports clubs in order to facilitate communication, scheduling, event management and attendance... Scopri di più

ClubApp is a mobile app designed for Club administrators and trainers to communicate and connect with their players, and members of other clubs regarding all information, news and proceedings relating to matches, trainings,... Scopri di più

InstaTeam is a cloud-based tool designed for all types of teams and groups, ranging from sports teams all the way to classrooms and churches. It is a team management system that helps organizers and team leaders manage events and... Scopri di più

Sporteo is a free of charge cloud-based solution for group sports teams. Team leaders and admins are supported by organizational and communication tools offering features such as: scheduling, real-time invitations & reminders,... Scopri di più

Team App is a free club management platform for sports club, teams, associations or even social groups. Fully customizable, Team App allows teams to track their performance, share media, chat, plan and manage events. Check... Scopri di più

Teamy is a sports team attendance management app for mobile devices. Some of its main features include in-app messaging, event management, and attendance management. Players can assign or request tasks as well as centralize... Scopri di più