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BlueOptima is a cloud-based IT project management solution that helps small to large enterprises manage the entire software development lifecycle using objective metrics. The centralized platform provides an Actual Coding Effort... Scopri di più

Merico is a project management platform that helps businesses analyze codebases to extract relevant information and monitor the overall contribution of developers/team members across projects. Professionals can use the dashboard... Scopri di più

Rookout is a bug tracking platform designed to help DevOps teams and software developers troubleshoot live codes across monoliths, microservices, cloud-native and serverless architectures. The solution enables administrators to... Scopri di più

Observe is a SaaS Observability product which enables IT professionals to investigate modern distributed applications 10X faster. Traditional approaches focus on fragmented tooling and fragile dashboards which causes the need for... Scopri di più

OpenResty is a DevOps solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to A/B testing, load balancing, request rewriting, real-time cache purging and more on a centralized platform. It enables team members to define... Scopri di più

Buildkite is an automated testing solution, which enables businesses to securely run continuous integration (CI) pipelines. Administrators can configure access permissions for team members and gain visibility into engineering... Scopri di più

ReleaseIQ is not another CI/CD tool. You have too many already. What we are is a Value Stream Management and Delivery Platform for DevOps. They unify the automation of your DevOps pipeline across al of your best of breed... Scopri di più