Noplag is a cloud-based writing assistance application with plagiarism detection. It is suitable for students, educators, publishers, and other writing teams. Uploaded files are checked against billions of web pages, publication... Scopri di più

Textio is an augmented writing software designed to help recruiters create job posts, emails, and other forms of hiring content using a language editor. The platform offers a Textio Flow module, which lets administrators build... Scopri di più

Compilatio sostiene gli istituti di ogni ordine e grado nel loro progetto educativo per combattere il plagio. Grazie al suo programma Magister, Compilatio favorisce la prevenzione del plagio fornendo risorse educative complement... Scopri di più

Dost has been built for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging team members to foster a more inclusive workplace by focussing on toxicity and bias-free communications. The application includes automatically identifies... Scopri di più