ThreatMark is the future of trust in the digital world. The company was founded with a vision of bringing trust to interactions across all digital channels through profound cybersecurity know-how and the latest advancements in AI... Scopri di più

Mambu is a cloud-based banking platform that helps banks and financial institutions process and control operations related to financial transactions. Using the integrated composable banking system, businesses can create,... Scopri di più

CorePLUS+ is the next-gen functionally rich scalable core platform for Financial Institutions that includes accounts, loans, deposits, transactions and accounting engine. Core banking payments system has extensive functionality... Scopri di più

Rebank provides a single source of truth for all financial activity that works on top of a company's existing banks. The dashboard combines business payments, international transfers, and cash balances replacing multiple logins... Scopri di più

CECL FIT is a web-based financial management solution, which enables businesses to maintain compliance with current expected credit loss (CECL) standards. Executives can use the centralized dashboard to gain visibility into... Scopri di più

System that adapts to the needs of institutions. Flexible and customizable modules to manage a solution that adjusts to the reality of businesses. SOA architecture: Helps speed ??up the innovation of institutions with a scalable... Scopri di più

IMEX is a back-office trade finance processing solution designed for banks with trade finance activity. Main features include automated message processing and advanced reporting capabilities. IMEX allows banks to optimize... Scopri di più

iFlow CKYC platform provides a centralized and secured KYC customer due diligence (CDD) on-boarding management system. Our KYC/AML compliance solutions come with customizable parameters, fields, and rules for financial regulated... Scopri di più

XREX is a Taipei-headquartered fintech startup that offers a full suite of blockchain-driven solutions that helps cross-border merchants, money service businesses (MSBs), and working professionals manage and process their... Scopri di più