Tilesview is an AI-based software that will assist customers in creating the ideal design for their spaces. It displays a 3-D view of any room with selected tiles. It offers a wide range of room previews in various categories.... Scopri di più

In today’s world where work-from-home has become common, Venn's LocalZone provides a unique path to reduce computing costs for remote associates while also increasing data security. LocalZone is a new software product that runs... Scopri di più

ThinApp is an application virtualization platform that streamlines app delivery and management. IT departments use ThinApp to combine applications, including those that cannot be packaged with the ThinApp package, into virtual... Scopri di più

Softdrive is a high-performance virtual desktop. Download Softdrive app on any old computer or thin client and stream a high-performance PC. Just like how Netflix streams movies, we stream a PC. Having issues with company... Scopri di più