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Cloud CMS is an on-premise and cloud-based headless CMS solution designed to help businesses create, manage, approve, preview and publish content across multiple platforms using an application programming interface (API).... Scopri di più

DocLink is a document management software that helps businesses in finance, healthcare, utilities, food and beverages and manufacturing sectors assess and approve data. It allows managers to schedule and distribute files along... Scopri di più

CrushFTP is designed to help businesses transfer digital files between a client and server and monitor server activities across networks. Employees can utilize the ZipStreaming functionality to download business files in... Scopri di più

Adlib is a content intelligence solution that is designed for businesses in several industry segments, such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, energy and life sciences. It lets organizations utilize artificial intelligence... Scopri di più

IncoDocs is a cloud-based export document management solution which brings together sales and export documents in one centralized platform and simplifies global supply chain operations by eliminating data re-entry and costly... Scopri di più

SideDrawer is a document management and organization solution that helps team members create personal tasks, track users' activities and collaborate on files from within a centralized platform. Administrators can configure... Scopri di più

Textio is an augmented writing software designed to help recruiters create job posts, emails, and other forms of hiring content using a language editor. The platform offers a Textio Flow module, which lets administrators build... Scopri di più

Greenbox is a web-based document management solution (DMS), which helps businesses of all sizes store, manage, track and update documents. Features include recurring reminders, watermarking, commenting, role-based permissions,... Scopri di più

Streams is designed to help marketing teams streamline and manage trending and interactive content using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It helps businesses discover and understand the best performing content based on... Scopri di più

docuTRAK is an out-of-the-box electronic signature platform designed to help businesses capture digital signatures. The integrated mobile applications for Android and iOS devices and documents centric correspondence and case... Scopri di più