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FirstEMR is an ONC-ATCB certified electronic medical record (EMR) solution catering to small, midsize and large clinical practices. It can be deployed on-premise as well as in the cloud. It caters to specialties including... Scopri di più

The SMART Solution is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software for advanced workflow automation in opioid addiction treatment programs. As a complete clinic management tool, SMART streamlines admissions, service... Scopri di più

Fusion offers a fully integrated correctional EHR solution that includes clinical and behavioral health content, electronic medication administration record (eMAR), electronic dental record (eDental), infirmary management and... Scopri di più

DRexly is a cloud-based telemedicine solution designed to help businesses automate processes for workflow configuration, collaboration, payment processing and live streaming. Key features include practice management, HIPAA... Scopri di più

Created by experts in clinical care, Zipnosis is a cloud-based virtual care solution designed to simplify healthcare operations and improve accessibility for both patients and providers. With Zipnosis, healthcare professional are... Scopri di più

Certintell is a cloud-based telemedicine platform that enables health clinics to communicate and engage with patients via video and messages in compliance with HIPAA standards. Professionals can utilize the platform to create... Scopri di più

ELVI, CompuGroup Medical’s tele-health solution, offers you the ability to engage with patients via web, phone, or mobile app in a matter of minutes from any location. ELVI telemedicine software is web-based, multi-browser... Scopri di più

Klara is a cloud-based telemedicine solution designed to streamline workflows and communication. This virtual care platform helps practices connect with patients via multiple channels. With Klara, live video visits including up... Scopri di più

Healthiva is a complete HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution that specializes in substance abuse/addiction treatment services, prescription monitoring, and telecounseling. Using video conferencing, PM/EMR systems, and... Scopri di più

teleClinic by Tranquilmoney is a HIPAA-compliant video consultation platform designed for medical practices. Physicians can use this solution to consult with patients using a virtual platform. teleClinic includes various features... Scopri di più

blueTeleMed is a telemedicine solution designed to help medical professionals conduct virtual consultations through audio and video calls. Doctors can schedule appointments, allot specific time slots for consultations and sort... Scopri di più