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Flow.ai is a web-based live chat solution designed to help businesses create custom chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook, rich communication services (RCS) and other communication channels. Key features include real-time... Scopri di più

Onlim is a conversational AI platform designed to help small to large businesses streamline communication with customers across multiple channels. Features include traffic analysis, natural language processing, data modeling, and... Scopri di più

KLoBot is a conversational AI solution that helps businesses across media, finance, telecommunication, healthcare and legal industries build conversational chatbots in real-time. The platform enables software developers to embed... Scopri di più

Citibot is a citizen engagement platform that helps local government bodies establish communication with residents via multi-channel AI-enabled chatbots. The webchat module lets public service organizations embed live chatbots... Scopri di più

CommBox is a cloud-based solution designed to help midsize to large businesses automate communication between customers and marketing, IT, sales and support teams. Key features include live chat, performance metrics, queue... Scopri di più

ConvoLab is an end-to-end and scalable enterprise chat management platform, built to help organisations optimise artificial intelligence (AI). ConvoLab's chatbot logic management module builds bespoke bots and offers... Scopri di più

Herbie.AI, one of the brand of SunSmart – a 15+ year old Multinational Intelligent Automation corporation with a presence in the UK, Europe, Middle-East, India & Far East. It provides solutions across Enterprise Software &... Scopri di più

WotNot is a no-code chatbot builder that facilitates conversational AI on websites, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. With WotNot, you can turn your anonymous website visitors into qualified leads and ensure higher customer... Scopri di più

Y Meadows bridges the gap between people and systems, improves customer service effectiveness and customer satisfaction using NLP models. It uses artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and robotic processing... Scopri di più

Noci provides you a world-premiere feature: the product recommendation tool. Now, teams can create a vendor chatbot that advises 24/7 products the same way an in-store vendor would do it. By connecting to existing CMS and CRM... Scopri di più

Octane AI is a conversational AI platform designed to help Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants create personalized customer experiences across channels to improve website conversion rates. It offers a shop quiz module, which... Scopri di più

Hyro is the world’s first adaptive communications platform. Featuring plug & play conversational AI and natural language automation, Hyro empowers enterprises to flex their processes and messaging across their most valuable... Scopri di più

CxInfinity is a contact center solution provider for omnichannel engagement. The system delivers 150+ deployments & 98.7% customer retention rate, and over 70 3rd party integrations. CXInfinity offers scalable and flexible... Scopri di più

deeplink.ai platform allows users to create AI-based virtual agents without skills in coding and AI. Business requirements are the only knowledge needed. In few days, a Chatbot could be push in production and information could be... Scopri di più

Talla is an automation platform that helps businesses leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline customer service processes and provide support to employees/clients. Talla gives you the power to turn your chat... Scopri di più

WorkLLama is an AI-driven talent platform that helps companies leverage their brands to create powerful candidate, employee and client experiences. Its technology makes it possible to foster meaningful, more human connections... Scopri di più

dhee.ai is a multilingual conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solution, which enables businesses to create custom chatbots and engage with customers using natural language processing (NLP) technology. Professionals can... Scopri di più

A drag-and-drop smart bot builder platform to create chatbots, AI-powered calls, and actions for voice assistants that understand intents. Over 60,000 customers use Aimylogic. Build 4 types of AI bots with Aimylogic including... Scopri di più