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Profit is an enterprise Objectives & Key Results (OKR) platform, integrated with Task Management. You can create Objectives & Key Results at every level of your organization while ensuring complete alignment across your... Scopri di più

R3sourcer is a cloud-based solution that reduces human resources (HR) department’s work by up to 60% by using automated recruitment solutions. Now the right candidate can be selected within minutes from a database containing over... Scopri di più


Collaboration Software Partners (CSP) is a global HCM provider with a focus on implementation and support that caters to any sized organization above 100 employees. CSP has several office locations across the US and is... Scopri di più

Axy OKR built on Salesforce, is a goal-setting tool designed to assist organizations with managing business processes. It helps business units and teams align their objectives and key results towards company strategies and... Scopri di più