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OPT Runner is a fleet management system suitable for trucking and transportation businesses of any size. Both on-premise and cloud-based deployments are available. Key features include transport planning, fleet scheduling and... Scopri di più

TourSolver is a cloud-based fleet management solution that helps businesses manage and optimize routes for supply chain deliveries, callouts and collections. Key features include mileage tracking, routing, dispatching and... Scopri di più

Propel IT Fleet Management solution delivers value to insurers, consultants, large commercial fleets, and owner/operators by reducing safety risks, decreasing fuel consumption, and reducing carbon emissions. Users will see... Scopri di più

Mavin Fleet is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses streamline operations across asset tracking, driver management, vehicle inspections and more. The built-in electronic logging device (ELD) allows users to quickly edit... Scopri di più

Smartrak is a fleet management software that helps businesses in the utilities, infrastructure, government, education and healthcare industry track assets and manage administrative operations. Professionals can track the... Scopri di più

PathRoute is a cloud-based route management and optimization solution for SMBs. It is suitable for retailers, restaurants, laundry services, distributors, plus other businesses that offer delivery services. PathRoute is designed... Scopri di più

mobi is a fleet management and resource optimization suite that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers applications that enable users to manage field service operations and streamline planning processes. The solution can be... Scopri di più

nGage LMD is a cloud-based last-mile delivery management software that helps businesses overcome logistics challenges by automating delivery processes, optimizing fleet utilization, reducing operational cost, integrating with... Scopri di più

TargomoAPI consists of a powerful portfolio of developer tools for high-performant custom maps and geospatial analytics. There are three major areas of application: 1. Create: Users can create custome maps for webapplications,... Scopri di più

AntsRoute is a SaaS software for route planning and optimization. The platform is developed by the French start-up Antsway and helps companies to determine the best field service and delivery routes. By using the AntsRoute... Scopri di più

Hop-Drop is a route planning software that helps modern dealerships make their valet and shuttle services more efficient and memorable. It matches drivers' schedules with their availability and automatically books Uber rides for... Scopri di più

CoPilot Truck is a cloud-based commercial truck navigation solution, which helps small to large businesses, visualize and plan routes, monitor fleet activity and track driver’s performance. Features include scheduling, speed... Scopri di più

SolBox’s Route Optimisation, Driver PreStart and Last-mile delivery software maximises your business efficiency in quickly planning delivery runs, managing your driver's safety for compliance and impressing your customers with... Scopri di più

TrackoBit is one of the leading GPS Tracking software providers in the current times. We have catered to more than 200 clients from various domains such as Logistics, Transport, Mining, Agriculture, Healthcare and many more. We... Scopri di più

MoveX is a cloud-based transportation management solution that helps businesses handle fleet, manage routing processes and automate dispatch operations. Using the administrative dashboard, professionals can track the real-time... Scopri di più