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As a cloud-based mobile learning platform, MagicBox is designed for K-12 publishers to create & distribute rich interactive eBooks and track learners' progress through analytics dashboards. With end-to-end digital publishing and... Scopri di più

JollyDeck is a cloud-based eLearning platform designed to help organizations onboard new employees and conduct training. Features include single sign-on, gamification, commenting, benchmarking, access control, automated emails,... Scopri di più

NoRedInk is an eLearning platform that helps teachers create assignments, courses and quizzes and share them with students via a unified platform. Learners can use the application to manage ideas, draft essays, receive feedback... Scopri di più

Thrive is a cloud-based learning management application designed to help organizations of all sizes plan, deploy and manage diversity training programs for employees. The platform enables enterprises to schedule multiple learning... Scopri di più

IQxCloud is a knowledge management software designed to help businesses share organizational knowledge with employees to optimize existing workflows. Key features include built-in course authoring, compliance tracking, content... Scopri di più

gomo is a cloud-based eLearning authoring solution which assists small to large organizations with the creation and distribution of digital learning content. Key features include team collaboration, performance tracking, social... Scopri di più

CoreAchieve is a cloud-based learning management solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to content creation, compliance, audio/video employee training and more. Professionals can utilize the platform to... Scopri di più

Magoosh is an online course platform designed to help students access learning material for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, Praxis, MCAT, IELTS and other exams. The platform offers targeted study schedules, which enable learners to... Scopri di più

Desmos is a web-based solution that provides learning activities for middle school math teachers and students. It is suitable for distance learning and blended learning classrooms. With Desmos, teachers can access featured... Scopri di più


edX is an education and eLearning software designed to help businesses create pathways and access self-paced courses to train employees. Managers can provide shareable certificates to staff members on the completion of training... Scopri di più

Edureka is an eLearning Authoring tool that helps businesses provide corporate trainings to enhance employee skills across cloud computing, software testing, data science, project management and digital marketing, among other... Scopri di più

Timeline Software allows to time travel and explore history events using a powerful zooming time line. Visit when dinosaurs lived and explore how did the universe begin billions of years ago. Access timelines from any history... Scopri di più

ClickLearn automates the process of creating documentation and training material to support organizations onboard their users in the most popular business systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, and Oracle. This is the best... Scopri di più